Electromechanical Gravure Cylinder Engraver (Rotogravure Cylinder Engraving Machine ) LC engraver are designed to deliver the performance in gravure cylinder making.

> Automatic test cut

> Robust design, simple operation

> Auto positioning of the engraving system

> Cells drawing closer



    LC gravure engravers are an ideal, economical engraver for electromechanical cylinder engraving and is fully equipped to handle all types of jobs, including gravure cylinders for pantone, vignette, line work reproductions, and technical cylinders For transferring inks, coatings, and glues. The Feature rich intaGlios engravers offer high quality stsrokes, which improves the appearance of fine text and graphics, and special software for sharper lettering.

    The LC gravure engravers come with the speedy 4 kHz engraving system as standard with C Type engraving head but they are also compatible with Type B.The intaGlios operates depending on the type of engraving system in an effective screen range of 54 to 140 l/cm at a depth of up to 80 pm with either helical or polar line engraving. Freely definable screen angles are used.

    Equipped with easy to use interface intaGlios helps the operator in job selection/test cut/engraving steps. It is also equipped with a motor motorized support and and Camera for clear dots view as standard for easy cell measurement

    LC gravure engraver is built within smallest tolerances. Each machine base is carefully inspected after the assembly The machine will be fianally aligned on site, after installation, before commissioning.The parallel movement of the engraving head towards the cylinder needs highest precision to ensure the correct cell sizes every where on the cylinden,This function is the foundation for LC gravure engraver software to generate cells with a predictable cell volumes.

    The mono-block design guaranty highest stability .The strong corrugated machine bed of the machine is designed as rigid central module to carry all components and function groups.

    Automatic test cut

    The software can automatically adjust the engraving parameter to the standard value required by customers, making the operation easier

    Cells drawing closer

    Automatically identify the picture edge and text , draw the cells closer, make the picture edge and text more clearer.